Wix Example Sites: A Showcase of Stunning Websites Built with Wix

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  1. Art and Design
  2. Business and E-commerce
  3. Personal Blogs and Portfolios
  4. Real Estate and Property Showcase
  5. Pet Care and Services
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In the world of website building, Wix has gained a reputation as a powerful and user-friendly platform that enables individuals and businesses to create beautiful, professional websites without the need for coding or design skills. With a plethora of templates, customizations, and features, Wix empowers users to bring their online visions to life. In this article, we'll explore a collection of stunning example sites created using Wix, showcasing the platform's versatility and capability.

Art and Design

Wix provides a perfect playground for artists and designers to exhibit their work. Its drag-and-drop interface and extensive design options make it an ideal platform for expressing creativity. From portfolios to online galleries, Wix offers the flexibility to showcase visual art in all its forms. Let's take a closer look at some exemplary art and design websites:

1. The Art of Simplicity

With a minimalist approach, this website features the works of a contemporary artist. The clean layout and intuitive navigation allow visitors to focus on the art without distractions. The use of Wix's image galleries and sliders creates a seamless viewing experience.

2. Design Studio Showcase

This website represents a design studio that has utilized Wix to exhibit its projects and creative process. The integration of video backgrounds and parallax scrolling enhances the visual storytelling, capturing the essence of the studio's aesthetic.

Business and E-commerce

For entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence, Wix offers a range of features tailored to e-commerce and business needs. Whether it's a small boutique or a large enterprise, the platform provides the tools to create professional and functional online stores. Here are some impressive examples:

1. Fashion Forward

This site exemplifies a fashion brand's online store built on Wix. Stunning product displays, easy navigation, and seamless checkout processes demonstrate the platform's ability to support e-commerce businesses with style and substance.

2. Culinary Delights

From delightful food imagery to integrated table booking systems, this culinary website showcases Wix's capacity to cater to the specific needs of restaurant and food businesses. The use of Wix Restaurants and customizable menus contributes to a mouthwatering online experience for visitors.

Personal Blogs and Portfolios

Wix offers individuals a platform to express themselves through personalized blogs and portfolios. With a range of templates and tools for content creation, users can share their stories, insights, and projects in an engaging manner. Let's explore some inspiring examples:

1. Wanderlust Chronicles

This travel blog, created with Wix, encapsulates the spirit of adventure through captivating imagery and immersive storytelling. The integration of social media feeds and interactive maps enhances the visitor's journey through the blog's content.

2. Creative Freelancer Portfolio

Designed to showcase the work of a freelancer, this portfolio website leverages Wix's design flexibility to display projects, client testimonials, and a personalized bio. The seamless integration of contact forms and scheduling tools simplifies the client interaction process.

Real Estate and Property Showcase

Real estate professionals and property managers can utilize Wix to create visually striking and informative websites that showcase listings and services. The platform's features cater to the unique requirements of the real estate industry. Here are some impressive examples:

1. Urban Living Realty

This real estate agency's website presents properties with high-quality images, virtual tours, and interactive maps, demonstrating Wix's capability to create immersive and informative property listings. The integration of contact forms and lead capture tools streamlines the process for potential buyers and sellers.

2. Vacation Rental Retreat

With a focus on vacation rentals, this website utilizes Wix's booking system and calendar integration to manage property availability and reservations. The incorporation of guest reviews and local area guides enriches the visitor's experience, promoting trust and engagement.

Pet Care and Services

For businesses and individuals in the pet industry, Wix enables the creation of endearing and functional websites that cater to animal lovers. Whether it's a pet grooming service or a nonprofit organization, Wix provides the tools to connect with the pet-loving community. Here are some heartwarming examples:

1. Paws and Tails Pet Resort

This website for a pet boarding and daycare facility features adorable pet profiles, online booking forms, and a blog section for pet care tips. Wix's integrated customer management tools help streamline bookings and client communication.

2. Animal Rescue Collective

Created by a nonprofit collective, this website leverages Wix's donation features and event management tools to support fundraising efforts and community outreach. The visually appealing design and compelling storytelling contribute to driving support for animal welfare causes.


What are some key benefits of using Wix for creating websites?

Wix offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of templates, powerful design customization options, and integrated business solutions such as e-commerce tools and marketing integrations. Additionally, Wix provides reliable hosting and SEO features to enhance website visibility.

Can I create a professional-looking website with Wix even if I have no design or coding experience?

Absolutely! Wix is designed to empower individuals and businesses of all backgrounds to create stunning websites without the need for design or coding skills. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor, coupled with the extensive template library, allows users to achieve professional results with ease.

Is Wix suitable for e-commerce businesses?

Yes, Wix offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions including customizable storefronts, secure payment gateways, inventory management, and marketing tools. Whether you're a small boutique or a growing online store, Wix provides the resources to establish and expand your e-commerce presence.


The examples highlighted in this article serve as a testament to the versatility and capability of Wix in facilitating the creation of stunning and functional websites across various industries and purposes. From art and design showcases to e-commerce ventures and personal portfolios, Wix empowers users to bring their online visions to life with simplicity and style.

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