Examples of the Use of "Neither...Nor"

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  1. Examples of "Neither...Nor" in Simple Sentences
  2. Using "Neither...Nor" with Adjectives
  3. Using "Neither...Nor" with Verbs
  4. Using "Neither...Nor" with Nouns
  5. Using "Neither...Nor" with Other Conjunctions
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Conclusion

When it comes to expressing negation in English, the construction "neither...nor" plays a vital role. It is used to indicate that two or more items are not selected or applicable. In this article, we will explore various examples of how to use "neither...nor" in sentences, as well as provide an in-depth understanding of its usage in different contexts.

Examples of "Neither...Nor" in Simple Sentences

1. Neither John nor Mary likes to wake up early in the morning.

2. The restaurant offers neither vegetarian nor gluten-free options on its menu.

3. The company's decision was neither ethical nor logical.

4. The movie is neither entertaining nor well-directed.

Using "Neither...Nor" with Adjectives

When using "neither...nor" with adjectives, the construction allows us to express negation with descriptive words. Let's see some examples:

Negative Adjectives

1. The project is neither simple nor easy to accomplish.

2. The weather was neither sunny nor pleasant during our vacation.

3. She is neither smart nor talented enough to lead the team.

Positive Adjectives Contrasted with "Neither...Nor"

1. Neither the concert nor the play was as engaging as we had hoped.

2. The product is neither as affordable nor as durable as advertised.

Using "Neither...Nor" with Verbs

Examples showcasing the use of "neither...nor" with verbs can illustrate the negation of actions or preferences:

Negative Verbs

1. She neither sings nor plays an instrument.

2. John neither smokes nor drinks alcohol.

3. The committee neither discussed nor addressed the critical issues.

Neither...Nor in Comparative Forms

1. This approach is neither better nor more efficient than the previous one.

2. The service provided was neither faster nor more reliable than their competitors.

Using "Neither...Nor" with Nouns

In some cases, "neither...nor" is used to negate the presence or selection of specific nouns. Let's explore some examples:

Negative Nouns

1. Neither the blue dress nor the black dress is suitable for the occasion.

2. The building has neither a gym nor a swimming pool for its residents.

3. The company offers neither dental insurance nor vision coverage to its employees.

Using "Neither...Nor" with Other Conjunctions

It's important to note that "neither...nor" can also be used in conjunction with other words to express more complex negations:

Using "Neither...Nor" with "Not Only...But Also"

1. She is neither a great leader nor a team player.

2. The project is neither of high quality nor cost-effective.

Using "Neither...Nor" with "Whether...Or"

1. The decision is neither based on facts nor on evidence.

2. They can neither confirm nor deny the allegations against them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between "Either...Or" and "Neither...Nor"?

While "neither...nor" expresses a negative connection between two or more items, indicating that none of them are true or applicable, "either...or" expresses an affirmative connection, indicating that one of the two options is true or applicable.

Can "Neither...Nor" Be Used with More Than Two Elements?

Yes, "neither...nor" can be used with more than two elements, allowing for the negation of multiple items or options simultaneously. For example: "Neither Jack, Jill, nor Jane attended the event."

Is "Nor...Neither" a Valid Construction in English?

No, in English, the standard construction is "neither...nor." "Nor...neither" is not grammatically correct and is not used in formal or standard English.


Understanding the correct usage of "neither...nor" is crucial for constructing grammatically correct sentences and conveying negation effectively in English. By exploring the examples and contexts in which this construction is used, you now have a comprehensive understanding of how to incorporate "neither...nor" into your language skills with confidence.

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